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ToA - Mermaid Rescue Mission by Renokye
ToA - Mermaid Rescue Mission


"This shouldn't be any trouble for us," Shiella said confidently. "No fighting involved at all." There was a thoughtful pause. "Unless we get ambushed, of course."

"Don't say that," Noel said, voice full of worry. "I don't want to think about that!"

"Don't sweat it. You know I've got your back, Noel."

With that, the two of them left the Sanctum to search the island for survivors. They agreed not to go out too far - not only did they not want to get stuck outside after nightfall, but the farther they went out, the farther they'd have to come back, likely carrying (or dragging) someone who was too weak to walk on their own.

It was Noel's idea to begin searching along the coast. She felt more at ease on the beach - it reminded her of home. They might be more likely to find survivors in the ruined villages, but that also seemed to be where all manner of No Names lurked. Here in this open space, they could see all around them, and there was no place for a potential attacker to hide from them (and of course, they could enjoy the scenery as well).

But after an hour or so of not seeing anything, Shiella began to think they'd made a bad decision. Who could they possibly find out here? If someone escaped from one of the villages, why would they come to the beach? There would be nowhere to hide, and they surely wouldn't last long. And it wasn't as though anyone lived out here.

Or at least, that was what she though before they spotted a body sprawled out on the shoreline, the tide brushing at her limp fingers. Surely someone laying facedown in the water like that had to be... well, she should at least check. "Let's go," Shiella said quietly. "Maybe we can still help her."

Noel nodded uncertainly.

The Sketchists approached the lifeless girl - and this close, it was clear she wasn't human. She had green skin with an unnatural sheen to it. And more noticeably... "She's got a tail," Shiella stated, helpfully pointing out the obvious.

"A mermaid," Noel added. "Which means... she probably hasn't drowned. They can breathe underwater. Um... and on land, right?"

"Who knows? The rules in Archeio are weird. She might not be like any mermaid we've ever heard of." The musician knelt beside her, feeling her wrist for a pulse. "It seems like she's alive. But she's heavily injured." She didn't specifically mention the cuts and bruises covering the mermaid's body - Noel probably wouldn't want to think about what caused them.

"We might be able to save her still," Noel said earnestly. "We can't let her die." She dropped to the mermaid's other side and grabbed one of her arms. "Help me lift her, Shiella. She might not be that big, but she's heavy."

It was a bit of a challenge with the difference in their heights, but eventually the two Sketchists had her in their arms. Shiella was worried about her, but even she didn't feel as distraught as Noel looked. The musician was thinking about how whatever hurt the mermaid could still be nearby, but given her companion's evident worry, she was sure she didn't need to say anything.

They began the trek back to the Inner Sanctum. Even being jostled around as they carried her didn't cause the mermaid to stir. It seemed she was barely clinging to life.


Word count: 579

A collaboration between me (who did the drawing) and :iconrasgarblue: (who wrote the story).

For Storm Trident - :iconvullexa:

The mermaid is a character icon I came up with named Jade Pearl. If she is healed, I hope to make her an assistant to Storm Trident.
Also, crappy background is crappy. I'm not good at backgrounds. D:

Noel, Jade Pearl, drawing - Me
Shiella, story - :iconrasgarblue:
I sat quietly as Ms. Riza explained everything. We were chosen to be heroes for this little island? It's so hard to believe. I have to believe that something bad has been happening here. I mean, this can't be a dream. I know I was pulling another all-nighter, but I know I'm fully awake. I'm not at home in Hawaii and I'm not wearing my regular clothes. This is real. The spirit before me is real. The castle is real. The monsters are real.
Ms. Riza and the other... character icons, I think she called them, are asking us, a small group of people from another world, to help them against monsters. Why was I one of the ones asked? Why me? I don't know how to fight, and I'm weak. Perhaps it was a mistake? Maybe they meant to pick someone else. Someone stronger than me, smarter, not so cowardly. I'm afraid to even talk to someone around here aside from my new friend Shiella to ask for help or advice. I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing or asking a stupid question and have someone laugh or yell at me.
I kept listening to the spirit of the island, but the more I listened, the more I doubted myself. I looked down at my hands and saw that they were gripping my staff so very tightly, trying to keep from shaking. My staff... Shiella and I found that sand was coming from the circle on the top. It's because of Shiella that I found that I can control the sand. I made a wall, and then accidentally lit it on fire with some of my dye. The same dye also made my bottles of sand art explode like grenades. This is all so confusing.
We have to fight, but even though I have these new powers, I feel as though I'm still useless. I don't know what I'm doing here. Everyone else here seems so confident despite everything that's happened. I don't belong. The people of this island need help from confident and competent heroes. I want to help, but I'm neither of those things. What can I do? I don't belong.
“Noel? Earth to Noel!” I hear a voice and look up. Shiella's looking at me with a concerned face. How long has she been sitting there? Why is everyone getting up? I guess I wasn't paying attention like I thought. Yeah, I'm useless. “Noel, what's wrong? You look like you're going to cry and your arms are shaking.”
“I...I...” I don't know what to say. My mind is in a jumble as is my heart. “I'm afraid... I'm afraid that I can't help these people...” I quietly say, finally. I lower my head, not wanting to see her face as I'm sure I've greatly disappointed her.
I feel Shiella's hand on my back and I look up. She's got a big smile on her face. Why? “Of course you can help these people!”, she said with a light giggle, “I know you're not up to going back into the fray, so we'll do other things until you're ready!” Shiella suddenly grabbed my arms and dragged me out of my chair. “We are we going?” I said as she leads me to the wall where the other... Sketchists?... are.
“Look here!” Shiella said as she pointed to a bulletin board on the wall, “Riza said that the character icons here have missions for us to do, and they're not all killing things. This one needs someone to find lost tools! You don't have to fight yet!”
I look at the many pieces of paper on the wall. Can... Can I really help these poor people? I want to help... I really do. Some of these require us to team up to complete. While that makes sense, I'm afraid to talk to the others here. I guess just one step at a time. I may not be strong, but I can at least look for missing items. Maybe... Maybe I'm not completely useless. I really hope not.
ToA - Noel's Doubt

A very short story. I'm not good at writing as I would rather submit a drawing, but I felt like making this a short story instead of a drawing. I hope it's okay.

Word count: 682


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