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I was tagged! Copy/pasted rules!

1.Write the rules.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone.
8. Tag backs are allowed.
9. If you're lazy, don't do it on comments of this journal.

Stuff about me:

1. I'm happily married. :D

2. I have a cat named Penguin and she is my furry baby.

3. I play Magic The Gathering, but I'm not very good at it.

4. I'm a big Legend of Zelda fan.

5. I enjoy watching anime.

6. I play DDR to get my exercise instead of going to the gym. >.>

7. I've never RPed or had been interested in RPing until my husband found out about a certain group. *looks at CB*

8. I like Resident Evil, but cannot play the games as they are too scary. Believe me, I've tried. I think I enjoy learning the lore of the series, but I also really like watching speedruns of the games.

9. I love watching speedruns! Looking forward to Summer Games Done Quick 2016!!!!!

10. I love organizing our geek things (i.e. manga, video games, anime, etc.)!! It's fun to me!

11. I have amassed a collection of plushies of various sizes from various franchises and they're all still in two large trash bags. I actually feel bad that they're not on display in some way yet. >.<


13. Uh... I can wiggle my ears? (No seriously. I can wiggle my ears.)

Questions from :iconcreativebomb:

1. Do you like waffles?
Yeah, I like waffles!

If you could live in one story genre (sci-fi, medieval fantasy, magical girl, steam punk, etc), what would you pick and why?
I think modern fantasy like Harry Potter because awesome magic powers + modern day stuff = Flying cars, which means no more red lights or following twisty turny roads when you can just go in a straight line!

Favorite flavor? Salty, sweet, savory, etc.
Sweet. I have such a sweet tooth. :D

Who likes the rain?!
The guy who's singing in the rain?

If you had to choose between holding a boa constrictor or a tarantula, which would you choose?
Neither. Neither. Neither. Neither. *runs away*

Mustard or mayo, mustard or mayo, mustard or mayo~?
Neither. They're both nasty.

And on that note, what's your favorite cartoon? Past AND present?
Such a hard decision! D: I think that might have to be Disney's Tarzan. The movie, not the series.

To protect the WORLD from devastation...
To unite all peoples within our nation!

Pants or dresses/skirts?
Pants. Definitely pants.

 Do you treat your OCs as real people~? Your chiiiiildren?
No... Sorry... >.<

Can you tell me why the hell there's so many questions, Jesus H Jesus...
I dun get it.

RP with me~? :3c
Sure! Shoot me a note sometime!

And finally...the most important question of all...Mech Suit, or Magical Girl powers?
Magical Girl powers as long as Kyubei isn't part of it.

My questions:

1. Do you like pancakes?

2. Anime or american cartoons?

3. The age old question of if you had one super power, what would it be?

4. If you could start your journey with any Pokemon, what would it be? (Legendaries are not allowed)

5. Water, Earth, Fire, Air...

6. What's your favorite food to eat for dinner?

7. What's your favorite movie genre?

8. PC games or console games?

9. Henshin A Go-Go...

10. Who would win in a fight between Homestar Runner and Strong Bad?

11. Digimon or Pokemon?

12. Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon?

13. If you could travel to any country without worrying about funds, where would you go and why?

And I tag these people!

1. arpantz
2. Banzatou
3. CreativeBomb
4. Dizzy-Lizz
5. Firelord-Lia
6. KeplerNova
7. KnightLycoris
8. MagicalJoey
9. MasterMitosi
10. Possumato
11. RasgarBlue
12 Vullexa
13. Zeeria

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